Wrath Resembles Fear is the 60th chapter of the Servamp manga series.



Mahiru surrounded by jin.

Mahiru continues to climb down the hidden passage and reaches the bottom, wondering if it is the facility's first floor. He opens a small door and emerges into a hallway. He steps into it and is overwhelmed with a fog-like substance. Covering his mouth with his hand, Mahiru realizes that he is surrounded by jin. Startled, Mahiru wonders why such a large amount of jin exists at C3. He then begins running down the hallway, calling Tsurugi's name, hoping he will answer.

The Mother lies over Tsurugi, shielding him from the falling ceiling debris. They are both physically exhausted, bleeding and panting. Tsurugi begs The Mother to stop, telling her that no one will come get him and that his life was happy enough for him. The Mother quickly states that he is lying.


Touma helping Tsurugi.

Touma then appears and leans over the two. Not expecting anyone to come for him, Tsurugi is shocked to see Touma. He calls himself an idiot and reasons that Touma is an illusion he made up at the edge of death. Touma asks what he is talking about and holds out a hand. Tsurugi still cannot believe he came and asks if the situation is real.

Tsurugi is still in denial as Touma tells him to grab his hand. He tells Tsurugi to hurry because the rubble is heavy to hold up. Baffled that Touma arrived, Tsurugi asks again if he is here for him and states it is because the two of them are family.

Touma roughly drags Tsurugi out of the rubble and asks if he is hurt. Tsurugi sits on the ground and states he is fine and can walk.

The Mother-60

The Mother getting shot.

Still beneath the debris, The Mother watches and Tsurugi introduces Touma as someone who is like family.

Tsurugi then tells Touma that earlier he and The Mother were talking about forming a contract. He states that while he did not think of a name for The Mother, he has a better idea. Tsurugi says that Touma should form a contract with The Mother instead of him.

Touma then shoots The Mother, causing her to collapse.