The Lost Future is the 7th chapter of the Servamp manga series.


The chapter continues the confrontation between Mahiru and Sakuya. Lily, who had just arrived with Misono, begins clashing swords with Belkia. The two exchange one liners and swing at each other, seeming about evenly matched.


Belkia in Misono's lead.

Misono challenges Sakuya, who tells him that Mahiru can't help him because he is too nice and because he is friends with Sakuya. Misono asks Sakuya how long he and Mahiru have been friends. Sakuya answers by stating Misono's question is way too personal and that Misono means nothing to Mahiru. When asked if he just met Mahiru, Misono says that it does not matter because the two of them are friends. Sakuya mocks Misono for saying this, telling him that it is a lie.

Misono states that he has had enough of talking with Sakuya and calls his lead. Sakuya asks where Misono's Servamp is so he can attack him. Misono tells him that Lily is not beside him because he has his reasons.

Misono and Lily then flank Belkia and activate their weapon. Belkia is placed sitting in Misono's chair unable to move. Lily knocks him unconscious. Mahiru is surprised with the lack of wounds on Belkia's body. Lily explains that his power destroys the soul, not the body.

With Belkia out of the way, the Lust Pair turns their attention to Sakuya. Misono tells Sakuya that Mahiru said Sakuya is his best friend. Sakuya's expression softens and asks if Mahiru really said that. Misono is surprised at this. Sakuya then goes on to say that he wishes they were still friends and that he was looking forward to the culture festival. Lily tells Misono to ignore Sakuya when he asks if that since he and Misono are friends, they should be friends as well. He asks Misono if Mahiru would want them to kill each other.


Sakuya slashes Misono.

Misono and Lily's chain break and Lily tells Misono to grab his weapon. Belkia, still unconscious but controlled by strings, stabs Lily and cuts his leg off. Sakuya takes this chance to charge at Misono and slice him with knives, injuring him badly. Sakuya again asks if he was lying.

Lily infers that there is another enemy working against them and a vampire controlling many strings like puppets from a nearby location is revealed.


Sakuya threatening Mahiru.

Mahiru calls out to Sakuya and asks him what is going on and that he isn't acting like himself. Misono, breathing heavily and bleeding, asks Mahiru if he did something wrong and that he was only trying to protect him. Mahiru tells him that protecting a friend is never wrong.

Mahiru tells Sakuya to stop again and Sakuya charges at him from behind. Sakuya holds a knife to Mahiru's throat and pins Mahiru's arms behind his back. Sakuya begins explaining to Mahiru that he never knew how he really felt. He tells Mahiru that he is blood thirsty and really wanted to kill. He says that meeting Tsubaki was a relief. Sakuya claims that vampires can't live without hurting people, which isn't his fault. Mahiru disagrees. Sakuya pushes Mahiru to the ground and asks if Mahiru will kill him, or if he has to kill another one of Mahiru's friends.


Sakuya hallucinating.

Sakuya feels a female presence behind him. The figment calls Sakuya a liar and asks why Sakuya is inflicting his own pain onto Mahiru. Sakuya is startled and turns around to find nothing there.

Mahiru gets up from the ground and calls Sakuya's name. Kuro goes to him and tells him to stop. He says that Mahiru can't fight like this because he is injured. Mahiru tells Kuro to stand back and that Misono needs him, so he is going to stay. Kuro says that Sakuya is too powerful in another attempt to get Mahiru to leave the scene. Mahiru gets angry at Kuro's words. He snaps and asks Kuro angrily if they should just do nothing. Kuro tells Mahiru to just give up.


Tsubaki and Otogiri.

Mahiru takes off the wristband that Sakuya gave him and throws it at him. Mahiru then calls his lead, ready to fight Sakuya. Sakuya is pleased that Mahiru is going to fight him.

It begins to rain as the scene switches back to Otogiri, the vampire wielding the strings. Tsubaki arrives next to her and speaks aloud about wanting Mahiru to show him his despair and wonders if Mahiru is the key.

Mahiru and Sakuya begin fighting. Mahiru uses his lead and hits Sakuya. Mahiru is surprised and wonders where his power came from. An image of the demon inside Kuro is shown briefly and Kuro is seen twitching.

Sakuya's thoughts are now revealed as he begins to think that he actually has a secret plan. He thinks that since he is immortal, he needs to vanish from Mahiru's life right after high school. Sakuya smiles fondly at Mahiru while bleeding from a head wound. He thinks that there are no happy endings for he and Mahiru.

Character Debuts

  • Otogiri
  • Sakuya's sister (hallucination only)


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