The Fourth is the 12th chapter of the Servamp manga series.


The chapter begins with Misono laying in his hospital bed while talking on the phone to Mikuni. He tells his older brother that he gets out next week and that there are no complications. He thanks Mikuni for calling and hangs up. He then says aloud that he won't let himself fall behind.

Following Mahiru and the others, they all decided to go back to Mahiru's apartment after the bomb scare. Mahiru is glad his uncle is away because it would be difficult to explain the coffin to him.

Mahiru asks Tetsu how he knew a vampire planned a hit. Tetsu says he does not know and that Mahiru should ask Hugh, his Servamp. Tetsu then asks if the blood helped and Hugh bursts out of the coffin. He says the blood helped and that he is the Servamp of Pride. He introduces himself as Hugh, The Dark Algernon III, a true vampire. In his human form, he begins to flap the wings of his cape and tells the others to quake with fear before him. Mahiru says that Hugh seems out of it and not quite well. Hugh says that he is completely well and that he has been looking for Sleepy Ash.

Hugh then begins telling them that there is a crisis afoot and something about the world ending, but he gets distracted by the meal Mahiru is making. He stops informing them of the news and says they should eat before it gets cold. Mahiru is frustrated that he didn't finish his sentence.

They all eat and Hugh states that true vampires detest garlic and drink red wine. He also says that his chair is too low. Mahiru notes that for a vampire, Hugh has good manners. Tetsu then says it's soccer night and turns the television to it's channel. Hugh says true vampires loathe sports, but ends up watching the match himself.

Mahiru reminds Hugh of what he was saying earlier and Hugh says it all started when he met Tetsu. Hugh needed a human master with excellent blood and stumbled upon Tetsu's onsen. Tetsu thinks that Hugh is a guest and tells him that it's 6,980 yen a night and that they have a vacancy.

Hugh accepts and while in his room he tells Tetsu that it has too much sunlight and that a true vampire needs dark. Tetsu leaves for a moment and returns with wood, nails, and a hammer. He uses these to block light out of all the windows. Tetsu's father then walks by and tells Tetsu to stop doing this because that is their sunniest room.

Hugh finishes telling Mahiru the story and says that Tetsu is a buffoon with gourmet blood. Mahiru wants him to get to the point. Hugh then points to the coffin and tells Mahiru that it is Tetsu's lead. Tetsu says it is too large to put away so he uses it for advertising. The coffin is painted with large letters saying "Visit Shiranoba Hot Springs". Tetsu says he painted it himself.

Mahiru tells Tetsu that he is so laid back and asks why he let Hugh in at the time. Tetsu says that they never turn away guests and that his job is making them comfortable, even vampires. Mahiru looks at him in awe and asks Tetsu if they would like to train with he and Mikuni. He tells them they can stay the night and they agree.

At the park, everyone gathers to start training. Mikuni tells Mahiru that he is busy and asks why he brought Tetsu. Mahiru tells him that Tetsu is the eve of Pride and Mikuni says he knows that. Tetsu then takes Mikuni's doll, Abel, and asks him why he has it. Mikuni panics and yells at Tetsu not to lust after Abel. Tetsu is confused and says that it's a doll. Mikuni tells him to be gentle and calls Tetsu a beast.

Mikuni takes Abel back and starts to leave, stating that Abel deserves better. Mahiru tries to stop him from leaving. Hugh, from his coffin, states that there is such a ruckus and comes out. He announces flashily that he is the Servamp of Pride. Lily then states his own name and asks if anyone wants to see his boobies. He starts to strip and Mahiru tells him to put them away. Hugh tells Lily that he is lovely as ever and Lily says that he loves flattery.

Mikuni returns and tells Lily to get into position. Lily then stands atop a light pole and blow a pink mist into the area. Mikuni says it is a hiding illusion, Lily's specialty. He then points at Mahiru and states that life has changed and he's super busy, so he is giving them one week.

Mikuni then announces that lesson number one is to knock off Jeje's bags and show his face. Jeje gets aggravated and points his gun at Mikuni. Mikuni tells him not to be mad and that these games help people grow. He tells his trainees to use their weapon, but no blood. He states that it's four on one and that Jeje is a powerhouse. Mikuni then sets up a spot for having tea with Abel.

Kuro and Hugh are disinterested in training and Mahiru tells them to get up. Mahiru slips off the wrist band Sakuya gave him to reveal his lead and thinks to himself that they can do this and get stronger with teamwork.

Mahiru's lead emerges and he takes a swing at Jeje and misses because the broom spins. Tetsu repeats the instructions to himself and his lead begins to rumble. Before he can do anything, Jeje hits him and he stumbles to the ground on top of Mahiru. Jeje starts shooting at them so they use the coffin as a shield.

From behind the safety of Tetsu's lead, Mahiru says it's amazing and asks his broom what it is and if it flies or does something else. Mikuni says maybe, because most weapons adapt to their owner. Mahiru asks why call them "leads" and Mikuni says it is because you control Servamps with them. Mikuni says to manage your Servamp well or you'll pay the price.

Hugh jumps in and tells Mikuni that he is wrong. Hugh says that humans are weak and that Servamps make the leads to lend their power to their eves. He tells Mahiru to ignore Mikuni and listen to him. Mahiru says he doesn't really care who is correct. He says that some people see a full moon, others only a sliver. Mahiru says that Kuro is his partner, so he is the one he will ask about humans and vampires. Mahiru smiles at Kuro and says that he knows which weapon is right for him. Kuro is surprised by Mahiru saying this. Hugh says he likes Mahiru's answer and that a true eve trusts his Servamp.

Hugh then says to Tetsu to show them his stuff. Tetsu asks if he's sure and Hugh says that now is the time. Tetsu grabs his coffin and starts attacking Jeje. There is a large boom and a great wind with mist that makes Kuro grab Mahiru and distance themselves for safety. Mahiru thinks this is cool and asks what has happened.

Jeje's bags are then shown on the ground and Tetsu is standing beside his coffin. From the mist, Mikuni is seen sitting on Jeje's shoulders with his hat over Jeje's face. He is impressed and tells Tetsu that he bows to his talent, but they still cannot see Jeje's face. Jeje points his gun at Mikuni again and tells him to get off as Mikuni snickers. Tetsu is silent but he understands that he did not complete the goal.

Mahiru is shocked and exclaims that what happened was awesome. He says that while he is not ready, they will take down Tsubaki together because they are eight strong. Everyone smiles fondly. He then calls for Kuro and continues training.

From a nearby rooftop, Sakuya is seen observing their training. He thinks back to Tsubaki telling him that he can watch Mahiru. Shamrock wants Tsubaki to entrust the task to him, but Tsubaki says that Sakuya has to do it because this is all about Mahiru. He says that Mahiru needs to be watched more than Sleepy Ash. Sakuya wonders what Tsubaki means when he talks about Mahiru.

As Sakuya watches, his eyes turn to Mikuni, who immediately glares at him. Sakuya is immensely startled and hides from him. He wonders what Mikuni is talking about. Jeje notices Sakuya and gets defensive. Mikuni tells him to relax.

At another night of training, Tetsu and Hugh wait for Mahiru to arrive. Mahiru approaches, running and apologizing for being late. He asks where Mikuni is and Tetsu says he doesn't know. Mahiru tells him that they have a new member who has been in the hospital. Misono then appears, sitting in his chair, with Lily by his side. He greets them and thanks them for the invitation. Mahiru says he is the same old Misono and that he's glad he's out of the hospital. Misono asks who Tetsu is and Mahiru introduces them. Tetsu is oblivious and tells Misono that little kids should stay home at night. Misono gets angry and tells Tetsu that he is fifteen.

Misono says that Lily is hiding something and asks what it is. Lily admits to not telling Misono when asked by Mahiru. Mahiru tells Misono that they are all training to fight Tsubaki better. Misono then asks if Tetsu is their trainer, calling him a dunce. Mahiru laughs then says that Mikuni, Misono's older brother, is their trainer.

Misono then snaps and grabs Mahiru by the collar. Shocked, he asks if Mahiru knows his big brother. Lily tries to diffuse the situation, but to no avail. Misono is still angry and continues asking about his brother. Misono infers that this is the secret and asks Mahiru what Mikuni told him. Mahiru tries to get Misono to calm down as Mikuni approaches everyone.

Referring to Misono, Mikuni asks Mahiru if he has a new friend. Misono yells at Mikuni and calls him a fool. Mikuni teases him, saying that he's not a fool, he's his big brother. Lily becomes worried and Mahiru, Tetsu, and Kuro are all confused.