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Tetsu Sendagaya (千駄ヶ谷 鉄 Sendagaya Tetsu) is the Eve of Old Child, the Servamp of Pride. He works at a family-owned hot springs resort.


Although he is only 14, he is often mistaken for a university student because of his great stature and muscular figure. He has blonde hair, with two blue clips on either side of his face, and blue eyes. His usually seen wearing white pants, a dark blue singlet, a white vest and a white and blue scarf with the hiragana for 'yu' (ゆ) on it. He is also usually seen carrying his lead, a large black coffin with an advertisement for his family's hot spring resort painted on it.


Tetsu is relaxed, straightforward, and simple minded. He is absurdly strong which makes up for the fact that he is admittedly not very bright. He seems very calm and indifferent with anything related to the servamps. He does not try to hide the fact that he is involved with vampires, as he carries his coffin around out in the open. Tetsu is very honest and sometimes unintentionally insults others because of this. He is friendly around others and is quick to call them his friend, often to their slight embarrassment at the affectionate title.


Contract with Old Child

Tetsu ep 5-10

Tetsu barricades the window to block the sunlight.

Tetsu first met Old Child when the vampire visited Tetsu's family hot spring after smelling Tetsu's blood. Mistaking him as a customer, Tetsu offers the vampire a room to stay with the best sun view. When Old Child protested since a vampire like himself can't stand sunlight, Tetsu blocked the window, much to his father's dismay. Sometimes afterwards, Old Child chose him to be his eve, which Tetsu accepted and named him Hugh.

Meeting Mahiru and Kuro

Mahiru and Tetsu ep 5-1

Tetsu meets Mahiru.

While doing an errand at a summer festival, he forgot where he placed his Lead with Hugh sleeping inside it (in the anime, he doesn't lose his coffin but instead only got separated from Hugh). He meets Mahiru who offered to help him look. When being asked what he was looking for, Tetsu nonchalantly answered that he is looking for a coffin with a vampire inside it, shocking Mahiru. Both are interrupted by a bomb explosion, and when hearing the bomb is from a silver case similar with the one Mahiru was carrying, Tetsu questions if Mahiru is a bomber, which Mahiru denies.

Tetsu ep 5-1

Tetsu puts the bomb into his coffin.

Mahiru then decides to trust, expressing his simplicity which Tetsu thinks is a good way of thinking. He is quite surprised when Kuro appears and drinks Mahiru's blood as both jump away from the crowds, recognising Kuro as a servamp. When the bomb fell too quickly, Tetsu caught the bomb into his coffin that he finally found, preventing the bomb from exploding outside. He then introduces himself to Mahiru and Kuro before Hugh comes out from the coffin, injured from the bomb explosion. Both continues their talk at Mahiru's apartment where Tetsu and Hugh explained their first meeting, though both are quickly got distracted by a soccer game airing on TV. Nevertheless, the four of them agrees to fight against Tsubaki together, knowing how dangerous he is (in the anime, their discussion takes place at a building rooftop).

Training with Mahiru and Jeje

Tetsu and Jeje ch 12-3

Tetsu attacks Jeje.

Mahiru then invites Tetsu and Hugh to his training with Mikuni and Jeje. Tetsu doesn't make a good impression for Mikuni when he picks up Mikuni's doll, Abel, out of innocent curiosity, earning him a quick dislike from Mikuni who calls him a ruffian as the result. Mikuni then gives their first training: removes all of Jeje's masks and exposes his true face, much to Jeje's dismay. While Mahiru doesn't do well against Jeje, Tetsu's strength and his mastery using his Lead able to make Jeje goes into offensive, prompting Tetsu to defend himself and Mahiru from Jeje's attack using his coffin. Tetsu successfully removes all of Jeje's masks after Hugh gives him permission to use his full power. The next night, Mahiru invites Tetsu again to train with Mikuni, this time also inviting Misono. Due to Misono's short stature, Tetsu mistakes him as an elementary school student, angering Misono. Their training ends after Misono tries to attack Mikuni for unknown reason and they instead gathers at family restaurant to discuss their next move regarding Tsubaki.

Ambush on Alicein Mansion

Yuri, Kuro, Mahiru, Tetsu ch 17

Tetsu telling Mahiru not to wander alone at night.

A few days afterwards, Tetsu and Hugh are looking for Mahiru and Kuro while exterminates the jins that he encounters and advertises his inn to those he freed from jins' control. Once knowing how dire the situation is, Mahiru decides to gather all seven Servamps, and Tetsu allows them to use his family's inn as their gathering place since they have many vacant rooms because there is a new hot spring inn across his family's inn that causes them having a customer problem. While patrolling, Tetsu and the others meets Lily's subclass, Yuri. Mistaking her as a human child, Tetsu tells her she shouldn't be wandering around alone because there are many vampires at night, but Mahiru corrects him that she herself is a vampire. Yuri asks her to help Misono who is confined in the mansion, prompting Tetsu and the others to go there.

Tetsu and Dodo ch 17

Tetsu threatens Dodo.

Visiting the Alicein mansion, Misono's servant, Dodo, refuses them entry because he was ordered not to let them enter by Misono's father and instead gives them his business card. Reading the instruction to use force to get in on the back of the card, Tetsu does so, seemingly threatening Dodo until the gate is opened, allowing them to pass. While waiting for Misono, Tetsu plays with the subclasses while Mahiru and Kuro are stuck with Misono's father, Mikado Alicein, telling the stories about his son. Mikado then tells them that they cannot see Misono and requests they go home. When they refused, the servants attacks them, Dodo injuring Tetsu in the process. Mahiru takes Tetsu and Kuro with him by flying using his broom, meeting Misono at the garden. Dodo, who chased after them, quickly tends to Tetsu's injury, apologising for it. Mission decides not to go with them at the moment, asking to wait until he sorts out things with his father first.

Kuro, Mahiru, Tetsu ch 20-1

Tetsu ready to throw Mahiru and Kuro into the mansion.

However, three days has passed and Misono still hasn't inform Mahiru and the others and even forget their visit three days ago. Worried, Mahiru takes Tetsu, Kuro, and Hugh to check on Misono, this time secretly. To infiltrate the mansion, Tetsu suggests they piggy back each other to pass through the wall, but Mahiru decides to use his broom instead to fly through it. Before they can do so, a huge amount of jins comes out from the mansion. To enter the mansion quicker, Tetsu throws Mahiru and Kuro with his Lead into the mansion while he'll try to come up with another way to enter. After Misono and Lily were saved, Tetsu helps the servants to tend the sick subclasses together with Mahiru and Kuro. He and the others then discusses about the contract item that is the source of the Servamp's power with Mahiru contemplating to give Kuro a much strongest contract item. Hugh says it's unnecessary as he takes Kuro's bell, telling Tetsu hit it with everything he has. Using his Lead, Tetsu tries to destroy the bell, but it remained unscathed as Hugh reveals that as long as the trust between Eve and Servamp are strong, it won't be easily destroyed. Mikado then thanks them for saving Misono and decides to tell them everything. Noticing Misono is outside from the window, Tetsu leaves under excuse he is going to the toilet. Tetsu follows Misono and helps him breaking through the door to Mikuni's room, allowing Misono to go inside.

Rescuing Licht and Lawless

Misono, Tetsu, Mahiru ch 25

Tetsu praises Mahiru for capturing Lilac.

After Mahiru encountered the Servamp of Greed and his Eve, Lawless and Licht Jekylland Todoroki, Mahiru and Kuro tries to convince them to work together, capturing Tsubaki's subclass, Lilac, while doing so. Tetsu praises Mahiru, referring him as "Big Bro" for this while revealing that Misono whom he refers as "Shortie" was resting after he tripped and hit his head on the hot spring, much to Misono's annoyance and embarrassment. To make sure that Lilac won't do anything suspicious, Misono and Hugh tasked Tetsu to always accompany Lilac. The next day, Mahiru reveals that Kuro suddenly becomes a black ball and the Greed Pair are kidnapped by Tsubaki's group, so they quickly arranges a rescue mission by using Lilac as their leverage.

Tetsu ep 8-1

Tetsu tries to free Kuro.

Back at the inn, Mahiru tells Tetsu and Misono to look at Kuro who is inside the ball unharmed, but neither Tetsu not Misono can see nor hear the Servamp. Tetsu then helps Mahiru to break the ball to free Kuro using various means such as using a saw and a hammer to break it, but none of them works and the sounds it makes only made Kuro feels uncomfortable. Licht's manager and Lawless' subclass, Rosen Kranz and Guildenstern, came after hearing about the Greed Pair's kidnapping and they once again arranges a rescue plan. However, Tetsu decides to take a rest and leaves the planning to Misono, telling the Eve of Lust that he fully trusts him.

Tetsu and Hugh ep 9-2

Tetsu and Hugh prepares to fight against the subclasses.

Enacting the rescue plan, Tetsu and Hugh goes to the upper floor where they are confronted by Higan, Belkia, Otogiri, and Shamrock, while Misono and Lily confronts Sakuya in the underground floor. Tetsu asks Hugh will they be alright since the number of enemies are higher, but Hugh assures that he won't disappoint him. Tetsu and Hugh fights against the subclasses, but Hugh then got distracted and trapped inside Belkia's magic box, when Belkia opened the box, Hugh is nowhere to be seen, shocking Tetsu. Misono and Lily, who manages to subdue Sakuya, arrives just as Hugh disappeared. Tetsu then asks Misono what should he do now. Misono about to tell him to retreat, but Mahiru and Kuro arrives at that moment to save them, easily defeating the subclasses. Regrouping with the Greed Pair, Tetsu reveals that Lilac is inside his coffin, asking the vampire is he alright since he was swinging around the coffin while fighting a while ago, to which Lilac answers that he didn't feel a thing.

Misono and Tetsu ch 37

Tetsu's Lead disappears.

When Lawless reveals his current name and contract item, Lilac snatches the contract item from Lawless, which followed by Tsubaki's arrival. Tetsu asks Tsubaki where Hugh is, and Tsubaki answers by pointing towards the huge amount of mins outside the hotel that suddenly appears and Tetsu's Lead also disappears following the appearance of the jins as Tsubaki explains Belkia's ability to teleport those who is trapped inside his box to the box that Tsubaki is holding, indicating that he has defeated Hugh, which infuriates Tetsu. The Eve of Pride can only watch as the battle goes on until Tsubaki escaped with Lilac due to C3 Hound's interference. Tetsu recognises one of the C3 Hounds as Yumikage Tsukimitsu.

C3 Tokyo HQ

Along with the other Eves and Servamps, Tetsu and Hugh are placed in C3 HQ in Tokyo. During his stay there, he spends his times training himself by doing push ups, so concentrated that he didn't answer Misono's phone call. He and Hugh are then taken to meet Mahiru and the others. Hugh, who had lost his power, experienced a drastic behaviour change to that of an old man, leading Tetsu must take care of Hugh more than before as Hugh has difficulty to do anything by himself. When several subclasses stage a prison break, he, Hugh, Licht, and Lawless finds Mahiru and Kuro bound by Tsurugi's magic and Jun in critical condition after defeated by Tsurugi. Hearing the situation, Tetsu brings Jun to the infirmary with Hugh while Licht and Lawless will free the Servamp of Wrath, The Mother.

Weapon and Abilities


  • Black Box - Tetsu's Lead takes form of a giant coffin that he carries and swings around to fight with. Its indestructible characteristic also enables him to use it for defence, capable of blocking Jeje's bullets. He cannot make the coffin disappear, so he advertises with it by writing his hot spring service on the coffin. In the anime, his Lead's ability is using his coffin to summon swarms of bat under Hugh's command that attacks their enemies.


  • Strength: 10/10
  • Tactics: 0/10
  • Cooperativeness: 8/10
  • Mental: 8/10
  • Appearance: 7/10
  • Generosity: 10/10



Hugh is his Servamp, which is the servamp of pride. Hugh is officially name Old Child and his appearance is a short vampire.



  • He does advertising for the Hot Spring wherever possible. (On clothing, his coffin, flyers, etc.).
  • According to the second drama CD, he does sit ups and push ups every day. The latter with Hugh on his back counting for him.
  • He is nicknamed "Hot Spring Man" (Onsen Otoko) by Kuro since he is working on his family's hot spring inn.
  • His favorite color is deep blue.
  • His best subject is P.E.
  • His worst subject is science.
  • His interests include helping out at the Hot Springs Resort.
  • He seems to know Junichirou Kurumamori and Yumikage Tsukimitsu from school.
  • He is in the calligraphy club at school.
  • His favorite food is baked manjuu (something he gets when visiting his mother) and his favorite drink is kelp tea.
  • He can't think of anything he dislikes.
  • According to Hugh, his blood is excellent and is considered gourmet.
  • In the first popularity poll he tied for seventh with Licht with 1535 votes each.
  • His star-sign is Taurus.