sunlight avenue is a single by Takuma Terashima, the lead single is the ending theme of the Servamp anime.


The single was released on August 17, 2016, in two versions: regular edition and limited edition. The regular edition came with the standard cover art (featuring Mahiru Shirota and Kuro) and only the CD, whilst the limited edition came with special cover art and a DVD. The DVD on the limited edition featured the music video for the song, 'sunlight avenue'. The CD was published by Lantis and distributed by Bandai Visual.

Track List

  1. sunlight avenue
  2. working high!
  3. at the usual place (いつもの場所で itsumo no de)
  4. sunlight avenue (instrumental)
  5. working high! (instrumental)
  6. At the usual place (いつもの場所で itsumo no de) [instrumental]



  • Takuma Terashima is also the Japanese voice actor for Mahiru Shirota.