Subclasses are vampires created by Servamps. A dying human can become a subclass by drinking the blood of a Servamp. Normally, subclasses cannot stand sunlight so they never go out unless it is nighttime. The only exception to this are Tsubaki's subclasses who all are immune to sunlight, which gives them advantage in doing activities such as information gathering, fighting, and such. Though, if the subclass covering their entire bodies with something that block the sunlight, it's possible for them to go outside during daytime. This is done by Lawless' subclasses who all are wearing the whale mascot costumes, allowing them to do activities outside during daytime.

Unlike Servamps who are immortal, subclasses can be killed by humans or if Servamps sucked their blood, turning them into ashes. Some subclasses are also capable to use magic.

The known subclasses are:

Tsubaki Subclasses ep 8

Tsubaki's Subclasses.

Tsubaki's Subclasses:

Snow Lily's Subclasses:

Lawless Subclasses ep 9

Lawless' Subclasses.

Lawless' Subclasses:

Hugh's Subclasses:

  • Sagami
  • Two Unknown Subclasses

The Mother's Subclasses:


  • Hugh stated that he has the most subclasses amongst the Servamps.
  • So far, Kuro is the only Servamp who doesn't have any subclass.
  • So far, Tsubaki's subclasses are the only ones who have shown the ability to use magic.