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Old Child also known as Hugh is one of the eight Servamps and is the servamp of Pride. His current eve is Tetsu Sendagaya, whose blood he claims is a gourmet. Despite his childish appearance, he is the second oldest of the eight servamps.


Hugh is the smallest of the servamps at only 2'6", he has black hair and like all other vampires he has red eyes and fangs. Hugh tends to dress in a gothic style fitting the image most people have of vampires, including: black suit with red coat-tails, a top hat, a black cape with a red inside, a monocle and a cane. Like the other servamps Hugh is capable of turning into an animal (a bat).


He loves to brag about himself and how amazing an Eve Tetsu is (as he found him). As his sin is pride, he really is prideful. He thinks he's the most important person, and can't understand why his Eve introduces himself before he does.

Although he is the 2nd oldest of the Servamps, he can behave very childishly. He was really excited when he got to chose a toy from a toy box in a restaurant (if a child eats the kid's menu, they can chose a toy from the toy box after eating), Hugh wanted to take all the toys.

Old Hugh ch 46

Hugh behaves like an old man.

Aside from his childish behaviour, he really feels like a typical vampire, not only his animal form is a bat, he also often states, that he loves blood with his food. And it seems, that he believes, that he is the only real vampire, and knows exactly what real vampires do (often starts sentences with "A real vampire....") Still - he himself isn't able to meet these expectations (what he doesn't realize).

After he lost his power, Hugh's character drastically changes from a child to that of an old man, having a walking and memory issue, often feeling his back hurt, prefer to drink tea, and even speaks like an old man.



Old Child ep 10-2

Old Child gave Lawless the letter from Sleepy Ash.

Old Child and his siblings received request from C3 to kill their creator. Since Sleepy Ash wanted to hear all of the siblings' opinion, he approached Lawless who was depressed after losing his Eve, prompting Old Child to remind Lawless of his warning before about not to fall in love. He then gave the letter where all of them will hold the meeting.

At the meeting, together with All of Love and Doubt Doubt, he agreed that the creator of the Servamps must be killed. This caused an argument with Lawless, World End, and The Mother, who were opposed of the request. When Lawless stated that their creator's life shouldn't be decided by a simple thing such as a majority vote, Old Child told Lawless that he mustn't include his personal feeling in this matter and questioned that the reason he said so was because of what recently happened to his Eve. Old Child then asked Sleepy Ash who hasn't given his vote what his decision is, which Sleepy Ash answered that he will kill their creator. After their creator was killed, Old Child stated there's nothing to regret because it was something they had to do.

Meeting Tetsu

Tetsu and Hugh ep 5-1

Hugh protests at the wide sunlight view.

In 21st Century, Old Child used to live at a huge mansion in United Kingdom. But the mansion was then demolished and he couldn't do anything since it was daytime. While looking for a new place to live, he fell asleep at a cargo that brought him to Japan. Arriving in Japan, he increased the amount of his subclasses and gathered information about Tsubaki. One day, he smelled a high quality blood and followed the scent with intention to make the owner of the blood as his potential Eve, leading him to a hot spring lodge. He was then approached by the son of the owner of the lodge, Tetsu Sendagaya, who mistook him as a customer and provided him a room with the best sunlight view. This displeased Old Child since vampires cannot stand sunlight, prompting Tetsu to block the window. Acknowledging Tetsu's potential despite his young and simple mind, Old Child made contract with Tetsu, who renamed him Hugh.


Meeting Mahiru and Kuro

Tetsu and Hugh ch 12

Hugh readies to eat Mahiru's home-made curry.

While Tetsu was on an errand, Hugh fell asleep inside Tetsu's Lead, a coffin, and Tetsu misplaced it somewhere. Once Tetsu finds the coffin, he doesn't know that Hugh is sleeping inside so he put the bomb that belongs to Tsubaki so the bomb can explode safely without any casualties. Consequently, the bomb explodes inside the coffin, burning Hugh who is also inside, much to his displeasure, which furthered when Tetsu introduces himself first to Sleepy Ash now goes by the name Kuro and his Eve Mahiru Shirota before him. He is then taken to Mahiru's apartment to recover and finally introduce himself. He had been looking for Kuro to talk about Tsubaki, but then get distracts by the foods made by Mahiru and then a baseball game on TV. Knowing how dangerous Tsubaki is, Hugh and Tetsu agrees to work together with Mahiru and Kuro, joining them in their training with Doubt Doubt now goes by the name Jeje and his Eve Mikuni Alicein, and All of Love now goes by the name Lily.

Training with Mikuni and Jeje

Hugh ch 12

Hugh explains that Servamps are the ones who lend their powers to Eves.

Arriving at the park where they will train, Hugh decided not to participate because he wants to play, leaving only Mahiru and Tetsu to train. During the training, however, he develops instant dislike towards Mikuni when the Eve stated that Lead is a tool to control Servamps, which Hugh retorts that Servamps are the ones who lend their power in a form of a Lead since powerless humans cannot control their power and warns Mikuni that he mustn't forget that the Servamps are the ones who make use of humans. Hugh offers Mahiru to teach him how it has to be between humans and vampires, but Mahiru doesn't care about either Hugh or Mikuni's opinion because Kuro is his partner so he wants to hear the Sloth's opinion first. Impressed by Mahiru's answer, Hugh decides to bet everything on Mahiru, agreeing that a true Eve should always trust his own Servamp the most and he is willing to work with him. He allows Tetsu to attack Jeje with full power, passing the first stage of the training.

On the second night of training, the training was canceled due to hostilities showed by Misono towards Mikuni. After knocking Misono unconscious and Mikuni leaves with Jeje, Hugh and the others decides to discuss their next moves at a nearby restaurant. Mahiru wonders if they can ask C3 to cooperate since they are neutral, but Hugh tells Mahiru to forget about C3 because C3 is not neutral but self-interested and nothing good will come if they involve themselves with the organization, reminding his siblings that they must not repeat the same mistake they did in the past, a subject that Kuro interrupts before it can goes further. Hugh and Lily then changes the subject to the bombings caused by Tsubaki three days ago, which happened at several places related to C3 and one of them was Mahiru's school. Thankfully, since summer vacation already started, there are no casualties since no one is at school.

Jin Rampage

Hugh and Tetsu goes to look for Mahiru and Kuro to inform them about the recent appearances of Jin while also saving those who are possessed by them. Hugh reveals vampires turns into Jin when they die that the appearance of Jins in the town are unusually many and Jin can only be killed by a Lead of an Eve, so he and Kuro can't do anything about them, leaving Mahiru and Tetsu to get rid of the Jins.

Meeting the Greed Pair

Tetsu, Hugh, Mahiru ep 6

Hugh tells Mahiru not to get involve with Lawless.

After receiving information from Hugh's subclass that a suspicious person just defeated a subclass, Mahiru and Kuro finds that person to be the Eve of Lawless, Licht Jekylland Todoroki. When Mahiru saw Licht on a TV news, Hugh reveals that while Licht is not familiar in Japan, he is popular for his talent overseas. Hearing from Mahiru that Licht is Lawless' Eve, Hugh explains that Licht won't live long since Lawless is the only Servamp with a habit of killing his Eve once he grew bored of them, advising Mahiru not to get involve with Lawless because he is already broken. Hugh and the others are then called to the park where Mahiru and Kuro brings Tsubaki's subclass, Lila, and explains what happened during Licht's concert. In the middle of their discussion, Kuro suddenly go somewhere, ignoring Mahiru's call. Noticing Kuro's strange behaviour, Hugh and Lily becomes worried that Kuro talked something with Lawless, Hugh commenting that Kuro came in contact with a bothersome one.

Rescuing the Greed Pair

Hugh, Lily, Misono ep 8

Hugh directs his subclasses.

After hearing that Licht and Lawless are kidnapped, Hugh and the others quickly arranges plan to save the Greed Pair. Licht manager, Rosen Kranz and Lawless' subclass Guildenstern, offers their help as well to save the two. Since it came to fight against vampires, Kranz provides them with a holy water, which is harmful for vampires, especially subclasses. He tests a drop on Hugh, unaware that he is a vampire, causing Hugh to momentarily lost consciousness. He then goes out to order his subclasses to find out Tsubaki's hideout. When he returns, he happily informs Misono that one of his subclasses finally got a girlfriend, information that Misono quickly dismisses. Starting the rescue plan, he first directs his subclasses to check the perimeter and once they sent the picture of Tsubaki leaving the hotel to his laptop, Hugh, Tetsu, Misono, Lily, and Kranz enters the hotel.

Tetsu and Hugh ep 9-2

Hugh and Tetsu facing against Tsubaki's subclasses.

At the hotel, Hugh and Tetsu goes to the upper floor where they are facing against Belkia, Otogiri, Shamrock, and Higan. Despite the number of the enemies, Hugh tells Tetsu not to worry, confidently declaring he will not betray his expectation. During their fight, Higan left to where Licht and Lawless are confined. Hugh was then attacked by Shamrock, distracting him from Belkia who was ready behind him and then trapped the Servamp in his magic box and disappeared, leaving only his pipe. It's revealed that Hugh got transported to Tsubaki's place and got defeated by him, causing a huge amount of Jins to came out from his body. He is later retrieved by C3 and taken to their HQ with Tetsu.

C3 Tokyo HQ

He appears again after the Servamps and Eves are finally allowed to have a meeting, Hugh being escorted by Tetsu. To Mahiru and Misono's shock, Hugh begins to act like an old man after losing his power, the vampire referring them as "folks" and Tetsu as "big laddy".


Tetsu Sendagaya

Tetsu and Hugh ep 9

Tetsu and Hugh.

Tetsu is his current Eve. Hugh becomes a mentor for the simple-minded Tetsu, usually giving him instruction of what to do and what not to do in anything related to vampires. Tetsu always listen to whatever Hugh said because he fully believes in him, stating that Hugh always right. Hugh also helps Tetsu in memorising some things since the boy can't remember more than two things. However, their role sometimes are reversed. Despite being smarter and reasonable than Tetsu, his Eve most of the times acts like a guardian for the vampire due to his small size and sometimes childish behaviour such as helping Hugh drying his hair after taking a bath or helping preparing his food. Hugh is mostly seen sitting on Tetsu's shoulder or lap.



  • Like the other Servamps Hugh is capable of swapping between his human form and an animal form, and will revert to his animal form when exposed to sunlight. His animal form is that of a small black bat (though he retains his monocle), he is capable of speech while in animal form.
Tetsu and Hugh ep 11

Black Box.

Black Box

  • In the anime, Tetsu's Lead ability is to call a swarm of bats from inside his coffin. These bats are under Hugh command and the vampire use them to attack their enemies.


  • Strength: 4/10
  • Tactics: 7/10
  • Cooperativeness: 6/10
  • Mental: 8/10
  • Appearance: 4/10
  • Amount of Underlings: 10/10


  • According to him, he has the most subclass out of the servamps.
  • In the German translation he is spelled: Hyu - although the original spelling should be Hugh (as seen on the original character song CD's).
    Old Child ch 1

    Old Child's appearance in the first chapter cover.

  • In the first chapter cover, Old Child's appearance is more child like. He is shown to have more unruly hair without wearing a hat and a monocle. Instead of sceptre, he is carrying an umbrella. The clothes he was wearing is also more normal and befitting for children.
  • In the first popularity poll Hugh came twelfth with 350 votes.
  • His star-sign is Scorpio.
  • His favorite foods are blood and chocolate parfait.
  • His favorite drinks are blood and orange juice.
  • He dislikes garlic.
  • His hobby is collecting gossip (especially if its love related) from his subclass/informants.
  • His favorite color is wine red.