The Lead is the so-called weapon that the Eves can use against enemies. The Lead is acquired by entering the Servamp' mind and from there the Servamp gives their Eves weapons.

The Leads

Mahiru Shirota's Lead:

  • Broom - Mahiru's initial Lead is a broom. Despite its appearance, it's capable of injuring vampires like any other Lead and creates whirlwind. Mahiru also uses it as transportation means, flying using the broom.
  • Spear - Mahiru acquires this Lead after his second visit into Kuro's mind. Unlike the broom, this form gives Mahiru more offensive power.
  • Key - This form only appears in episode 12 of the anime, which allowed Mahiru to peer into Tsubaki's mind.
  • When he doesn't need his Lead it transforms into a tattoo on his wrist.

My Fair Lady (Mikuni Alicein's Lead)

  • Mikuni's Lead is a rope. His Lead is connected to his doll, Abel, and then strangle its target. The doll then become as heavy as the sins of his targets and hangs it. According to Mikuni, his Lead can only work against people who have killed humans.

Sweet Dreams (Misono Alicein's Lead)

  • Misono's lead is a chair. He and Lily are shown to flank their target then activate the weapon. Once it is activated, the opponent is forced to sit in the chair unable to move. Lily can then slice the opponent with his scythe. When Lily does this, the opponent's body is unharmed, but their soul is damaged. When they are not fighting, Misono is often seen sitting in his Lead because he is so fragile and lacks the energy to stand.
  • Like Mahiru, when not using his Lead it transforms into a tattoo on his wrist.

Licht Jekylland Todoriki's Leads:

  • Black Boots - Licht's first Lead is a pair of black boots that enable him to move quickly and even jump up off walls, giving the illusion that he is flying. He mainly uses this Lead in battle for offensive purpose due to its destructive power.
  • Piano - Licht's second Lead is a piano that produces a sound wave that have various effect on his opponents; such as paralysis and forcing his opponent to remember events that happened in the past, depending on the song he plays. He is also able to make his piano Lead take on various forms by summoning piano keys on the ground. Licht can even turn his enemies into piano by drawing piano keys on their body. When fighting together with Lawless, Licht's piano play gives Lawless a power boost.

Black Box (Tetsu Sendagaya's Lead)

  • Tetsu's Lead is a coffin. It is indestructible, able to block a bomb explosion without making a sound nor budging from the explosion. Its indestructible characteristic also allows Tetsu to use it for offensive purpose, using it to hit his opponents. In the anime, it has the ability to summon a legion of bats, under Hugh's control. Hugh also sometimes resides in it. Since Tetsu doesn't know how to make it disappear, he decides to use it to advertise his family business, by turning it into a sign.