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For Not Forgiving Me
Ep 11 end card
Season 01, Episode 11
Episode Information
Kanji 許さないでくれて
Rōmaji Yurusanaide kurete
Air date September 13, 2016
Staff Information
Written by Konuta Takeshi
Directed by Junko Yamanaka,

Koji Ogawa &
Mina Ito

Produced by Takahashi KenHitoshi
Storyboard by Takahashi KenHitoshi
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Episode 10: Lawless Episode 12: Thinking Simply
Licht and Lawless continue to fight Higan on the top floor of the hotel as Tetsu and Hugh show off their power against the rest of Tsubaki's subclass. Meanwhile, in the basement, as Misono and Snow Lily fight Sakuya some unexpected intruders arrive to save the pair.


Differences from the Manga