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I'm Not Wrong
End card 9
Season 01, Episode 09
Episode Information
Kanji おれはまちがってない
Rōmaji Ore-wa machigattenai
Air date August 30, 2016
Staff Information
Written by Konuta Takeshi
Directed by Mina Ito

Junko Yamanaka

Produced by Nagayama Nobeyoshimi
Storyboard by Nagayama Nobeyoshimi
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Episode 08: Nothing Begins Without Action Episode 10: Lawless
After being transported to Kuro's subconscious by Mikuni and Faust, Mahiru must find a way to help his Servamp move on from his heavy past. In the mean time, Misono and Snow Lily have a confrontation with Sakuya in the hotel basement, while Tetsu and Hugh are faced with the rest of Tsubaki's subclass.


Differences from the Manga