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Nothing Begins Without Action
Ep 8 end card
Season 01, Episode 08
Episode Information
Kanji はじめに行いありき
Rōmaji Hajime ni okonai ariki
Air date August 23, 2016
Staff Information
Written by Konuta Takeshi
Directed by Toshimitsu Kobayashi

MinamiShin Ichiro

Produced by Hideaki Nakano
Storyboard by Hideaki Nakano
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Nothing Begins Without Action is the eighth episode of Servamp. Mahiru is searching for a way to turn Kuro back to normal, and the other eves are planning a way to save Licht and Lawless.


Tetsu and Mahiru are trying to find a way to get Kuro out of his mysterious ball.
Soon Kranz and Guildenstern appear and get to know, that Licht has been kidnapped. Mahiru apologizes for not being able to save Licht. Then, the Eves are discussing what to do. Mahiru doesn't want to fight (knowing he can't with Kuro in his current condition).
Via the internet, they find an address where Mahiru could probably find some help or answers (the antique shop of Doubt Doubts Eve). Misono mutters that he should not trust this man, but doesn't say why and drops the topic. When Mahiru is about to leave, Kranz tells him Lichts past (for details check out Licht Jekylland Todoroki)
When Mahiru is on the train, suddenly a black fox appears - he says how unfortunate that his subclass is not with him. Then he triggers an explosion and Mahiru finds him self again at the station, realizing that there hasn't been an explosion - it was all just an illusion. Only one thing now is clear - that fox must have been Tsubaki in his animal form.
Later, Mahiru finds the right address. When he is just about to enter the shop, he hears a voice from inside that he believes might be "Mikuni". The voice apologizes for breaking his doll - but also blames him for the doll getting broken because he had left the doll within his reach. But when the man behind the voice opens the door, both (Mahiru and the man) wonder them selfs who this might be.
The strange man let's Mahiru in and tells him that Mikuni isn't here. But when Mahiru asks him if he's a friend of Mikuni, the man makes it clear that he is not. Mahiru introduces him self, but the strange person is not able to remember his name and calls him by a different name each time. He then explains to him, that his name is Johannes Mirmir Faustus and refers to himself as a scholar and a doctor who specializes in vampires.
Suddenly Doubt Doubt's Eve jumps off a book shelf and yells at Johannes not to enter his shop without permission again and asks for Violetta's head (the doll's head). Without waiting for Johannes' answer or excuse, the man turns towards Mahiru and asks him what he's doing in his shop. Then he realizes that he never introduced himself to him and does so - his name is Mikuni Alicein. Mahiru is in shock as he realizes that Mikuni is Misonos older brother. Just when Mahiru is about to ask about Mikuni's family, Johannes interrupts him and tosses him through a door (disguised as a mirror).

Meanwhile the others have learned where Tsubaki's HQ is located (with the help of Dodu). It's a hotel, that could be high enough to cover the max. distance between Licht and Lawless if one were kept on the top and one in the underground floor. Now they are planning for one team to go to the top floor and the other team to go to the basement.
While Johannes is examining Mahiru (who can't figure what that should be good for) Mikuni explains to him how a Servamp can be "broken". He explains that vampires are technically "immortal" but if a subclass is bitten by a Servamp, all of the Jin within his body will come out and the Subclass "dies". A Servamp can be "broken" when the "present" is destroyed (what is usually not possible - until the relationship or trust with his Eve is broken). Then the Jin will come off the Servamp too and he'll lose his powers. Johannes mentions, that he doesn't know how to break the ball, but maybe Mahiru will find a way to save him, when he is able to enter his Servamp's mind.

After arranging a place for exchanging the hostages, Tsubaki leaves the HQ. Now Misono and Tetsu (who are disguised) and Kranz (playing a tourist) are ready to act. Kranz rents an apartment on the 41st floor, learning, that all floors above floor 43 are long time rented by a certain guest. Misono takes Kranz's key card and enters the elevator. At the same time, so does Sakuya Watanuki - Misono selects the 41st floor, and discovers through an indirect hint by Sakuya, that the floors order is up side down (meaning he is taking the elevator down instead of up). Now Sakuya pushes the "emergency off button" and the elevator stops...

Differences in the manga

  • In the anime Mikuni interrupts Johannes and Mahiru, whereas in the manga he appears after Mahiru left (the two of them don't meet at this point of the story)
  • In the anime, Mahiru discovers now, that Mikuni is Misono's brother - in the manga he knew it all along because he had a training with him (that wasn't in the anime)
  • Mahiru wants to ask about Mikuni's familiy in the anime, but in the manga version he already knew Mikuni and Misonos past
  • In the manga, Lily was already broken when entering Tsubakis HQ