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Angel or Demon
Ep 6 end card
Season 01, Episode 06
Episode Information
Kanji 天使か悪魔
Rōmaji Tenshi ka akuma
Air date August 9, 2016
Staff Information
Written by Konuta Takeshi
Directed by Takuro Sakurai,

Kajiura Shinichiro
& Toshimitsu Kobayashi

Produced by Hiroyuki Yokoyama
Storyboard by Hiroaki Yoshikawa
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Episode 05: I Am an Adult, This is Society Episode 07: Because I Am...
Mahiru and Kuro meet with their fellow Servamps and Eves to discuss C3 and Tsubaki. After receiving a tip from one of Hugh's subclass Mahiru and Kuro follow a suspicious individual who appears to have a Servamp trapped in a cage.


The episode starts with Misono who was released from hospital. Mahiru actually gathered with Tetsu, Hugh, Misono and Lilly to discuss about how to face and fight Tsubaki, but he seems the only one, who is very serious about it (as Misono and Tetsu argue wether Misono in elementary school or not). A little later, Hugh gets information about a suspicious person from one of his subclass.
Mahiru and Kuro leave to search for that person and have no problem in finding him. They try to persue him inconspicuously and but still talk - thats how Mahiru gets to know, that Kuro never made any subclass because he says it's too much responsibility as he doesn't know if someone wants to become immortal or not.
The suspicious person (having a rucksack with angel wings on it and a cage with a hedgehog inside) recognizes, that he has been followed and attacks. He proves to be very strong - and the hedgehog turnes out to be the servamp of Greed: Lawless. The name of the boy is Licht Jekylland Todoroki and he makes clear, that he hates his servamp because he is a "demon" (and an agel himself). The two of them fight, but when Mahiru tries to convince them to cooperate in order to fight Tsubaki, it's Lawless who seems to be against it.
Lawless showes with out hidign, that he hates his brother Kuro, he mentions a vote (C3 had ordered all servamps to kill a certain person, and the servamps wanted to decide wether or not they'd follow the order) - Kuros decicion was it that makes Lawless hate his brother. Kuro seems, as if he really doesn't want Mahiru to know about what happened - Lawless suddenly gets a call from work and then, he leaves, and Licht leaves too.
Later, Mahiru sees Licht on TV learning, that he is a famous pianist in austria. Hugh mentions, that Lawless usually kills his eves, when he is bored of them - Mahiru feels he should warn Licht and try again to convince him to cooperate.
When Mahiru arrives at the concert hall, he meets a man who helps him to enter the hall although he doesn't have a ticket. The hall is completely filled with Tsubaki's subclass. They try to kill Lawless but the servamp regognizes them and has no problem in killing all of them. Licht seems angry because Lawless was to noisy while he was playing the piano. Mahiru again shows himself and tries to interrupt their fighting. Lawless again, has no problem to defend against Mahiru and Kuro. (It is Licht who finds another way, to use Mahirus Lead and makes Kuro unable to move). Licht then summons a piano with his lead (his boots)- he plays something that makes every one who listens to remember somthing sad. Mahiru sees his mom, Lawless remembers a woman named Ophelia and admits that that's the only song, that he can't stand and tries to stop Licht. Kuro also seems to experience something horrible.
They all are interrupted by a noise - that was made by a survivor. The one who survived is a little boy and also one of Tsubaki's subclass. He apologizes and makes clear, the doesn't want to die. Lawless doesn't care and tries to kill him too, but Mahiru says there is no reason for killing him, so Lawless does not fulfill the kiling.
Meanwhile Tsubaki finds out about the death of all of his subclass - he apologizes by his "family" with tears in his eyses.
When Licht and Lawless fight again, they are stopped by a man in a whale costume - he is introduced by Lichts manager Rosen Kranz as Guildenstern (also a subclass but this time one of Greed's). Rosen Kranz explains that he wants Licht and Lawless to cooperate because whe fears Tsubaki and wants them to be save. When Lawless leaves the hall alone, he is suddenly chaught by Tsubaki.

Differences to the Manga

  • In the manga, Misono was forced to stay at home (by his father) after being released from hospital
  • In the manga, Mahiru already knew that Jeje's Eve is named Mikuni Alicein (and Misono's older brother)
  • Between episode 05 and 06 the anime skip parts that were in the manga;  like the breaking of Lily or the training between Mahiru and Mikuni, but from where the episode starts it sticks pretty close to the manga
  • In other words, the anime here skips the plot from volume 4!
Spoiler alert
  • The part that is skipped doesn't show up in the anime later either, so Lily won't be broken until the end of the anime! It's not clear why they skipped it, though (probably due to the limited amount of episodes)