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I Am an Adult, This is Scociety
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Season 01, Episode 05
Episode Information
Kanji 俺は大人 ここは社会
Rōmaji Ore-wa otona koko-wa shakai
Air date August 2, 2016
Staff Information
Written by Konuta Takeshi
Directed by Mina Ito & Junko Yamanaka
Produced by Takashi Kobayashi
Storyboard by Hideaki Nakano
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Episode 04: Sakuya Episode 06: Angel or Demon
Mahiru receives a questionable briefcase from a stranger at a neighbourhood festival, and while trying to return it to lost and found meets Tetsu Sendagaya, another Eve. After meeting Tetsu's Servamp, Old Child of Pride (or "Hugh") Mahiru is kidnapped by a mysterious group known as C3, while an attack squad targets Kuro.


The episode starts with Mahiru getting a letter he can't open then Kuro wants to have it. It's not clear at that moment what's inside it.

Tsubaki and his subclass play Mah-Jongg inside the HQ. After Otogiri wins the match, Tsubaki explains, that the war has finally started and it's time to make things more exciting.

At the festival Mahiru and Kuro are relaxing when a man with an eyepatch appears (it's Shamrock) and orders Mahiru, to find the owner of a silver suit case before the firework starts. Mahiru takes the suitcase and gets criticized by Kuro that he'd trust others far to easily.

While searching for the suit cases owner, he meets a tall boy with a coffin on his shoulder who stated that he had been separated from someone. Mahiru decides to help him, but he will also have to find the cases owner. Just after the boy introduces himself as Tetsu Sendagaya, an explosion is heard. People are now talking it was a silver suitcase that blew up. Mahiru gets aware of that situation in no time - his case must also be a bomb.

In an instant Mahiru decides to trust Tetsu and tells him (indirectly) that he is Kuro's Eve and activates his Lead. He throws the case into mid air and Kuro is totally sure it will explode while in mid air. But nothing happens and the bomb case is falling towards them again. In no time Tetsu opens his coffin and catches the bomb inside - the explosion is been heard from inside the coffin, but it did not break apart.

When Tetsu opens the coffin again, a bat comes out of the coffin - who is no other than the Servamp of Pride: Old Child (Hugh the Dark Algernon III) and that makes Tetsu his Eve. Hugh explains how Testu and him get to know each other (Hugh wanted a room at the Sendagaya's Onsen and Tetsu darkened their most expensive room because Hugh claimed to be a vampire)

In the meantime Misono is still in hospital and phones his father - telling him that he will be released soon.

On his way back home Mahiru gets knocked out by someone on the elevator and is kidnapped. Kuro on the other hand is chased by three men (Tsurugi, Junichirou and Yumikage). When Mahiru regains consciousness, he finds himself inside a room with 52 doors (on which "C3" is written on) and a young man who introduces himself as Shuhei Tsuyuki who works for an organization named C3. C3 - so he explains - is an organisation that assures the coexistence of humans and vampires. He wants to force Mahiru to join C3 in order to "break" Tsubaki. Tsubaki was once a "belonging" of C3 but then he ran out of control.

Shuhei tells Mahiru, that Kuro knows C3 very good, but still Mahiru wants to discuss things with him. Shuhei disagrees and warns him, that if he doesn't cooperate, he will have to find his way out on his own - plus: Kuro is currently chased by C3s best vampire hunter team and he also mentions the max.distance between servamp and eve, and that the eve will die when they are separated to long. Nevertheless Mahiru decides to find the way out on his own. Mahiru tries out all of the doors but he will always end up in the room where Tsuyuki sits. Suddenly, he gets an idea - the way out will have to be completely different, and so he destroys the room cover, Tsuyuki gives up. Mahiru now escapes, flying on his lead, to save Kuro.
Kuro is still chased by C3 and his situation is getting serious. Just in time Mahiru manages to save Kuro. Tsurugi asks if they should chase after them, but the organization says no.

Differences to the Manga

  • The most obvious difference is, that Tsurugi, Yumikage and Junichirou appear much sooner than in the manga. (In the manga the  three of them appear just before Tsubaki takes his leave - so many chapters later)
  • Kuro is not held in C3's HQ like in the manga - here he runs from Jun, Yumi and Tsurugi
  • Licht and Lawless are seen at the very end of this episode while in the manga they don't appear until Lily got broken.