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Season 01, Episode 04
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Kanji 桜哉
Rōmaji Sakuya
Air date July 26th, 2016
Staff Information
Directed by MinamiShin Ichiro & Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Produced by Nagayama Nobeyoshimi
Storyboard by Konuta Takeshi
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Episode 03: About the Future that Never Came Episode 05: I Am an Adult, This is Society

Sakuya is the fourth episode of the Servamp anime.


The episode starts with Mahiru who loses control of his Servamp Kuro. Just when the Servamp is about to devour Mahiru, he is shot by a stranger with bags that cover his head. The stranger points a gun at Otogiri after Kuro transformed unconscious into a cat. Otogiri and Sakuya decide to leave the scene.
Just after the battle is over, Dodo arrives with the car to take Misono to hospital. When Misono, Dodo and Lily leave, another guy appears who introduces himself as Doubt Doubt's Eve. He explains to Mahiru why he lost control of his Servamp and offers him to teach him how to nullify the contract with Kuro. Mahiru asks who he actually is, but only states, that he is a busy man.
Mahiru takes Kuro back home and still doesn't know what to do - Kuro believes, that Mahiru regrets taking him in. When Mahiru is in town, he recognizes Tsubaki in a sushi restaurant and sits down next to him - asking him about Sakuya, and why he became his subclass.
Tsubaki states that Mahiru really doesn't know anything about Sakuya - he tells Mahiru the story: How Sakuya was forced to lie about his sisters suicide and how he had to commit suicide himself later as well after being pressured by his parents so they could receive the life insurance. Sakuya was traumatized by the fact how everyone lied about his sister's death - and how he eventually did too. Mahiru now understands his friend Sakuya much better - he remembers when he was here once with his uncle and he told him, that people sometime fight because they have different opinions, and that making mistakes is not bad - but a way of learning. He just should keep reaching out his hand for his friends in need.
At the school festival Mahiru learns that Sakuya had manipulated the mind of his classmates again: he made them believe that he transferred and no one would remember his face. Due to that fact, no one would recognize him at the festival.
Of course Mahiru still remembered his face and recognizes him at the festival. Sakuya tells him, that they can't be friends since their friendship was a lie - Mahiru (who had chased Sakuya onto the top of the school) still tells him that their one year was true - and it was fun. Sakuya tells him he can't stay since he is not human and lets his body fall off the roof. Mahiru jumps after him without thinking about any consequences - he uses his lead (believing it must be able to fly, since his Lead is a broom and his Servamp a cat) to catch Sakuya and makes him land safely.

On the ground, Mahiru tells Sakuya, that he will stay his friend. Sakuya explains, that he won't be able to let Tsubaki down, but Mahiru promises, that he will free Sakuya from Tsubaki and that he will stop Tsubaki.

Differences in the Manga

  • In the manga, Mahiru is with his uncle Toru and meets Tsubaki by chance in the restaurant - in the anima, Mahiru is alone and enters the restaurant because of Tsubaki
  • Toru gets to know Tsubaki in the manga but not in the anime