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Doubt Doubt (ダウトダウト) is the Servamp of Envy. His Eve is Mikuni Alicein, who also refers to him as Jeje (ジェジェ). He is the third oldest of the Servamps.


Jeje is incredibly tall (made even more so by the addition of three paper bags on his head), as of yet we have not officially seen his face in the story, except for his eyes, as it is always hidden by his bags (or on one occasion by Mikuni's hat). However, in special art from the first chapter we see some of his face and he appears to have black hair (however, this may have changed as some of the character appearances from that art have changed since then). He is usually seen wearing long black robes with two ammo belts around his waist.


Jeje is very calm and quiet - he nearly never talks - and if he does he mostly mumbles. He likes to build ships in a bottle and likes being on his own. He hates it when Mikuni promises him his blood and then breaks his promise, and even knowing Mikuni always says "no" if Jeje wants his blood - Jeje falls for it, believing his Eve and hoping to get some.


Not much is known about his background, he is the third oldest of the Servamps.

Jeje at the servamp meeting

Jeje at the Servamp meeting.

At the Servamp meeting to decide if they were to kill Sensei, Doubt Doubt voted yes. He was concerned with Sensei possibly making more servamps and wished to settle things calmly.

He seemed to be alone for a long time until All of Love invited him to the Alicein's mansion. There he used to live in the cellar of the mansion and didn't show himself.

Mikuni's mother formed a contract with him and kept him until Mikuni formed a new contract. He gave him the name Jeje and used him to kill his mother. After that incident, Doubt Doubt left the mansion together with Mikuni.

He followed his Eve and together with him, he joined C3 and the two of them teamed up with Tsurugi Kamiya. He and Tsurugi seemed to talk every night.

Later he and his Eve left C3 again and went their own path.

Weapon and Abilities


  • Like the other Servamps Jeje is capable of swapping between a human form and an animal form, and will revert to his animal form when exposed to sunlight. Jeje's animal form is that of a black snake, with a yellow cross behind his head. He is capable of speech while in animal form.


  • Jeje fights using a variety of guns he either generates (like the other vampires generate their weapons) or hides under his clothing.


  • Strength: 5/10
  • Tactics: 5/10
  • Cooperativeness: 5/10
  • Mental: 7/10
  • Appearance: 0/10
  • Offensive Power: 9/10



  • "Will you...keep your promise? You promised me...some nice rich blood." (Chapter 8, to Mikuni)
  • "Why...can't we be calm? (Chapter 30)
  • "What if that person makes...dozens or you...?" (Chapter 31)


  • His given name is "Punisher of the Doubtful".
  • His age is unknown.
  • He is a Libra.
  • His favorite food is pumpkin soup.
  • His favorite drink is hard mineral water.
  • He hates his bags getting dirty.
  • His interests are ships in a bottle.
  • His favorite color is navy blue.
    Doubt Doubt ch 1

    Jeje's real face in chapter 1 cover.

  • His real face is shown in the first chapter cover, though it's unknown if his design will change later in the series like Hugh.
  • Mikuni does not give Jeje his blood (except for once - which was necessary to form a contract). 
  • In the first popularity poll, he came in eleventh with 525 votes.
  • His birthday is the day after Mikuni's.
  • According to Kuro in the spring drama cd, Jeje hates loud noises.


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