Choice is the 5th chapter of the Servamp manga series.



Misono collapsing.

Mahiru, jumping onto Lily's idea about meeting with all the Servamps, thinks that they should get all seven together and talk about stopping Tsubaki. Lily says that getting all seven will be hard. Misono then tells Mahiru to train his own Servamp first then suddenly collapses. Mahiru catches him and Lily says that Misono is sleepy and falls asleep at exactly nine o'clock every night.

Lily gives Mahiru a paper with a website on it and tells him to keep it. The paper contains a username and password to a vampire website. Mahiru then asks to friend Misono on their phones. He tells Misono that since his body is weak, to call him if he needs anything.

Once home with Kuro, Mahiru goes on the vampire website. He finds many Servamp servants on the site, who are all afraid of Tsubaki. Kuro is still against going to the Servamp meeting, saying that he doesn't want to get involved. Mahiru says he needs to do this because he has been protected all his life so it is now his time to protect others.

On the website, Mahiru gets an invitation, sent to all the Servamps, to meet at 7 pm.

At school, the culture festival is canceled that day due to heavy rain. Sakuya, clad in a maid costume for the festival, asks Mahiru to hang out.

They spend after school together in a store, but Mahiru tells Sakuya that he has plans at 7 that night. Thinking that he can't tell Sakuya the truth, Mahiru tells Sakuya he will be watching a tv show. Sakuya asks Mahiru if he is hiding anything and Mahiru tells him that he is not.


Mahiru's new wristband.

Mahiru spots a wristband in the store and says that he needs a new one because he lost his old one. Sakuya tries to get Mahiru not to buy it by telling him to put it down and that it is cursed. When Mahiru won't budge, Sakuya pulls out a bag and thrusts it at Mahiru. Mahiru opens the bag to find a wristband. Sakuya says that he bought it for him when he lost his other one and stashed it in his bag until now. Sakuya becomes embarrassed giving his friend a gift because it is not his birthday or a special event. Mahiru thanks Sakuya and wears the wristband. Sakuya puts his arm around him and they begin to walk home together in the rain.


Sakuya questioning Mahiru.

On their walk home, Mahiru feels a threatening presence behind them and stops abruptly to check. Sakuya asks what's wrong and jokingly questions if it's the world famous vampire. Mahiru turns to face Sakuya and tells him that he can tell him anything and that he will always be here for him. Sakuya replies that Mahiru has been quiet lately and asks him why. Sakuya grabs Mahiru's wrist and asks him what he's hiding. Sakuya pleads Mahiru not to lie to him. Mahiru tells Sakuya that there are no secrets and to relax.


Sakuya about to be attacked.

The two separate and Mahiru thinks about Sakuya saying that he is totally fine. He also thinks about how he did lie about Kuro. Mahiru and Kuro then head for the Servamp meeting.

Then Sakuya is shown while he walks alone. The presence that Mahiru felt from earlier comes behind him and attacks him.

Mahiru and Kuro meet Lily outside. Mahiru asks where Misono is and Lily tells him that Misono has cram school that night. Mahiru worries about them being apart. Lily explains that it is okay to be apart as long as they both stay within a boundary.

Lily takes the pair into a restaurant where the meeting will be held. Mahiru is surprised it is not more flashy, like taking place in a castle. Mahiru and Kuro are brought to a table with three Servamps at it.

Servamp meeting1

The Mother, World End, and Doubt Doubt.

World End, the Servamp of Gluttony, tackles Kuro, excited to see him. He shakes Kuro and says that he always disappears. Lily says that World End couldn't wait to come after finding out that Kuro had a master. Kuro turns into a cat and World End gets upset because he says he can't hurt cute cats and grannies.

Lily then notices one of the Servamps who he had not expected to come because she did not reply to the invitation- the Servamp of Wrath, The Mother. Lily fears her. Mahiru says she looks mad, but she says that she isn't mad, she just acts cool.

Mahiru remarks that there are two new freaks today. Lily points out that there is someone under the table, scaring Mahiru. Under the table sits the Servamp of Envy, Doubt Doubt.

The Servamps, caught up in being together, begin to talk about their lives. Wrath says that she has been farming, Gluttony asks who is paying, because he is hungry and broke, Doubt Doubt mumbles from under the table. Mahiru becomes frustrated with this and reminds them why they have gathered: to have a meeting about Tsubaki.

They begin discussing Tsubaki and his servants. Wrath tells the group that most Servamp servants turn to ashes in sunlight, but Tsubaki's servants stay in human form. This way, they can mix in with humans and fight exactly like Tsubaki.

Mahiru reminds the Servamps that this is their problem and they have to deal with Tsubaki, stating that they are the only ones who can. World End grabs Mahiru and tells him that maybe he will help, but that Mahiru and Kuro should be plenty. Wrath says that her master is in Tokyo, so it is good that the others are here.

Mahiru-Inner Kuro

Mahiru meeting Inner Kuro.

Lily then says that Kuro needs to give Mahiru a weapon. Kuro tells Mahiru to close his eyes and Mahiru is transported to inside of Kuro. He meets inner Kuro, which looks like a cat and demon. Inner Kuro tells Mahiru "Happy birthday!" and asks Mahiru if he wants a birthday present. Mahiru asks if it means a weapon and who the demon is. Inner Kuro replies that it controls Kuro's power. It shows Mahiru a pile of presents and tells him to pick one. Out of the pile, Mahiru says that he picks the simple one.

Mahiru is transported back to the meeting, now holding a broom, which is his weapon. The broom flies around the room and becomes part of the skin on Mahiru's wrist, circling it as a thin line.


Vampire Sakuya.

The meeting is concluded, as they got kicked out of the restaurant. The Servamps cheer Mahiru on, putting the responsibility of defeating Tsubaki on him. Mahiru tells them that they are in this together. Doubt Doubt then says that just now, Tsubaki's servants just killed somebody.

Tsubaki and the doll vampire, Berukia, are then shown eating sushi. Berukia asks Tsubaki if The Liar is coming. Tsubaki says that he is and he is walking in now. Someone enters, bloody and dragging a corpse. Tsubaki and Berukia say that he looks pissed. Tsubaki asks what the person is carrying, they reply it is a former stalker. Tsubaki then asks if they found any other servants and if they are still undercover at the high school. The person, now revealed to be Sakuya, a vampire, says he doesn't care and that he hates liars.

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