Brothers is the 10th chapter of the Servamp manga series.


The chapter opens on Team Melancholy (Tsubaki and his subclass) together playing mahjong. Tsubaki is scoring and gets praised by the other vampires. Sakuya is seen sitting by a window with a forlorn expression. In the end, Otogiri ends up winning the game.


Shamrock threatening Sakuya.

Tsubaki asks one of his servants, Shamrock, how that "thing" is going. Shamrock responds that all is going well. Shamrock then looks menacingly to Sakuya and asks when The Liar commits suicide. Sakuya glares back at him and Shamrock continues, saying that Sakuya is dangerous.

Berukia then points and says that Mahiru is there. This makes Sakuya jump and then shudder when he realizes that Berukia was teasing him and that Mahiru was actually not there. Everyone begins to laugh and make fun of Sakuya.

After this, Tsubaki says that it is time to make plans. He exclaims that Christmas is over and the war awaits. He says that their enemies will drop like flies then begins choking from talking and laughter. He says the Teacher is ready and that they'll take back everything.

Mahiru and Kuro are shown in a park. Kuro sits playing a video game on a slide and Mahiru is swinging his lead about training. Mahiru keeps trying but is unable to get the weapon to obey him. He tells Kuro to join him and Kuro declines. Mahiru tries to get Kuro to drink his blood so they can train but Kuro again declines.

Mahiru then remembers the large demon Kuro from his fight with Sakuya. Mahiru apologizes to Kuro and thanks him for his help. He says he needs to respect power and get stronger. Kuro questions this and says that peace is in.

Mahiru then notes that Kuro hardly ever drinks blood, only a few times during battle. He tells Kuro that if he ever needs some to just ask. Kuro says that he doesn't need any. This confuses Mahiru, who wonders why Kuro scarfs down human food but is resistant to blood drinking. He thinks that it doesn't make sense since Kuro is a vampire and thinks that Kuro is a mystery.

Kuro then states that at the moment, they need information instead of training. He uses Mahiru's phone to go on the vampire site Lily told them about. The page has been taken down and no longer exists on the internet. The two call Lily, who tells them that the page went offline days ago for the very first time. Lily says he doesn't know why but he will look for clues.

On their way home from the park, Kuro feels a presence and tells Mahiru that there's trouble. Mahiru starts running and they notice someone, a vampire, behind them. They run back to the park to fight the vampire there. The two of them get ready for battle but when the vampire catches up, it ignores them and goes running past them.

My Fair Lady ch 10-1

Mikuni's weapon.

The vampire is suddenly shot and Mikuni and Jeje appear. Mikuni greets them and tells them to keep their hands off his kill. Mikuni tells Mahiru and Kuro to observe his lead as he begins to use it on the vampire he was chasing. Mikuni's lead wraps a noose around the victim's neck which is also attached to his doll, Abel. Mikuni explains that Abel gets heavier with every crime. Mikuni tells Abel to judge him and calls out "My Fair Lady", the name of his power. The vampire is choking from the rope and while in it's grasp, Jeje drinks his blood. The vampire then disappears and Mikuni tells Mahiru that he was one of Tsubaki's servants and that servants can only die if a Servamp drinks their blood.

Mahiru asks why Mikuni had to kill him and Mikuni says because they are at war. He says that he is only getting even since Tsubaki likes to kill other servants. He asks Mahiru if he is allied with Tsubaki. Mahiru begins to respond but stops when he realizes that Jeje in his animal form, a snake, is wrapped around his shoulders and neck. Mikuni glares and tells Mahiru that if he messes with him he will be sorry.


Mikuni tells Mahiru he was kidding.

Mikuni then changes his demeanor and exclaims that he was only kidding. Friendly again, Mikuni tells Mahiru that he is way ahead of him in regards to the war and that he is ready for anything. He tells Mahiru that he needs to man up or get rid of his Servamp.

At this time, Mahiru drops to his knees and pleads Mikuni to give him weapon lessons. Mikuni and Kuro are both shocked that Mahiru went to his knees and Kuro tells Mahiru to stand up. Mahiru insists that he stay on the ground. Mahiru says that he wants to protect, not kill, and that Mikuni's way is not the only way. He says that power can protect people, but killing is optional.

Mikuni gets frantic and asks Mahiru why he would tell him this since he kills without mercy. Mikuni says that he is a bad person and that kids are so naive. Mikuni laughs and pats Mahiru's head. Mikuni tells Mahiru that he likes his pluck and that they should have a chat. Mahiru agrees and asks Mikuni's name. Mikuni resists at first, but then tells them that he is Mikuni Alicein and thanks the two for befriending his younger brother, Misono.


Mikuni shares childhood photos of Misono.

They all make their way to a fast food restaurant and Mikuni does an impression of Misono. He causes a disturbance and Mahiru apologizes to the people around them for Mikuni's actions. Mikuni says he is glad that they met Misono because Misono has always been sickly and a shut-in. Mikuni then pulls out a collection of pictures of Misono and asks if the others want to see them, but no slobbering over his brother. Mahiru looks at the pictures and notes that there are only childhood photos of Misono. Mikuni says that their family always had Servamps and that he will help Mahiru take down Tsubaki with more lethal methods.

Mikuni then tells Mahiru that he is here for two reasons. The first is that Kuro is the strongest of the Servamps and the oldest. The second reason is that they need to scope out Tsubaki. Mikuni then questions what it is that Tsubaki wants and his motive for war. Mahiru remembers Tsubaki's words about fishing and waiting for something. Mikuni says that their first priority is predicting Tsubaki's next move and that they need intel.


The man meets Kuro.

Mahiru brings up that the vampire website is down and Mikuni says that the site is controlled by a mystery group. Kuro is startled at the mention of the group and spills his drink. Mikuni says that the group was started by humans eons ago and that it is neutral between humans and vampires. Kuro suddenly stands up and says he is off to smoke. Mahiru tells Kuro that he doesn't smoke. Kuro ignores this and heads outside. Mikuni says that Kuro knows this group and that he probably has very bad memories with it.

Outside, a car pulls up to Kuro and the occupant asks if Kuro called for them. A man in a lab coat steps out of the vehicle and asks Kuro if he talked about them. He asks Kuro if he will help them fix their "little problem" again. Kuro says no and asks whats with the spy act. The man gives Kuro an envelope and tells him that his orders are contained inside. He tells Kuro that he will be waiting before getting back in the car and waving while driving off.

Suddenly Lily appears by Kuro's side and says that they never change and are pushy as ever. Kuro tries to change the subject but Lily tells Kuro to tell Mahiru about what happened. Kuro interrupts him, asking Lily why he is here alone. Lily says it wasn't his idea and that some weirdo called him there.

Lily, Mikuni, Jeje ch 10

Mikuni affirms that they will aid Mahiru.

Back inside, Mikuni tells Mahiru that it's not too late to ditch Kuro. Mahiru says that he never will and that Kuro's power helped him with Sakuya. Mahiru continues, saying that he wants to get tough and be a real partner to Kuro. Kuro hears Mahiru say this as he walks in with Lily. Mikuni tells Mahiru that he needs more muscle so he called Lily. Mikuni says that the two of them will train Mahiru. Mahiru thanks them as Kuro secretly, but sadly, tucks the envelope into his jacket.

Tsubaki is shown looking over the town and says that the Eastern Division and the Alicein family have made their moves. He repeats that it's a nice haul and turns into a fox.

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