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Belkia is one of Tsubaki's subclass and also one of his best friends.


Belkia is rather eccentric with his appearance. He has long pink hair tied back in a ponytail with matching glasses. He wears a white suit with a white top hat as well. He wears a black band around his neck, like many of Tsubaki's subclass do. Belkia is capable of turning into a doll version of himself in a way similar to how the servamps transform into animals and, like the servamps, he is still capable of talking while in this form.


Not much is known about his past so far. It's revealed, he had a fight, where he cut off the hair of All of Love because he had the feeling, the servamp was even more beautiful than him.



Belkia is extremely over the top when it comes to personality. In chapter one, we see him acting like a street performer or a magician. He is very vain, thrives off attention, and does not like to be ignored. He is shown to comically overreact to most everything. As one of his subclass, Belkia is very loyal to Tsubaki. He likes to tease Sakuya along with Tsubaki.



  • "Magic sucks, but... vampires rule! Am I right?!"
  • "C'mon, Sleepy Ash!! Bring it on! Let's see who can... kill the most creatures!! That'll please Tsubaki!!"


Dead, Dead, or Dead (Magician's Box)- A weapon which, when someone is trapped inside, will teleport that person to another box. This gives the illusion that the victim has disappeared.


  • Physical Strength: 7/10
  • Tactics: 6/10
  • Spirit of Cooperation: 3/10
  • Mental: 5/10
  • Outward Appearance: 3/10
  • Gaudiness: 10/10


  • He likes cola flavor kakigori the best.
  • His name has been interpreted in several ways in english by translators including: Berukia, Belukia, & Belkia. Officially, his name is translated as "Belkia" in english, but was written as "Berukia" on the character CD cover.
  • He likes to call Otogiri "Girioto"
  • In the first popularity poll he came sixteenth with 145 votes.