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Alice in the Garden is the 4th chapter of the Servamp manga series.


The chapter opens with Kuro expressing that he hates having to live with Mahiru. He says that they should set rules, being that Mahiru should stay home from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that the curtains should stay closed. Mahiru ignores his demands and thinks of the recent events of Tsubaki and other vampires he has encountered.

At school, Mahiru's class continues to work on the culture festival. While doing this, Sakuya is frantically telling Mahiru and his friends to stay home and that the city is a vampire nest. He tells them to forget the culture festival, but they all ignore him. Mahiru thinks about how Sakuya is obsessed with vampires and the fact that Kuro in his cat form is there in the classroom.

Yulee and Marie arrive

Mahiru and the twins.

While fixing the stitching of a classmate's costume for the festival, Mahiru thinks of how he sent an email to All of Love's address a week ago, but still has gotten no answer. He suddenly gets a message from the address saying that they will send someone.

Then, two young girls enter from behind Mahiru and tell him All of Love is calling for him. The girls immediately recognize Sleepy Ash (Kuro) and go after him.

Misono chair

Another student, from a different school, sitting in a chair appears and tells Mahiru to come with him and not to make a fuss. All of the class is silent and confused with the events. Mahiru questions the boy, asking who he is, but the twin girls grab Mahiru and Kuro and drag them out of the room.

They take the pair into their car and the student introduces himself as Misono Alicein, All of Love's master. Mahiru is relieved with this and asks where his Servamp is. Misono says that Mahiru couldn't even fight Tsubaki and that Mahiru does not know Servamps.

They are brought back to Misono's mansion and Misono takes them to his room entrance, becoming out of breath on the way there. Mahiru tries to help him, but Misono rejects him and asks Lily for his chair. Mahiru notes that Misono is very frail as a butterfly appears. Misono quickly becomes annoyed with the butterfly and swats it away.

All of Love

Snow Lily introducing himself.

Then the butterfly transforms into a vampire in human form. The vampire says hello to Mahiru then begins stripping. Misono hits him and makes him stop stripping. Misono introduces him as the Servamp of Lust, All of Love. His name is Snow Lily, Lily for short. Lily greets Kuro, saying it's been years, and welcomes them inside.

Lily states that he helped with the magician mess the other day, and Mahiru says that he is grateful to have an ally. Lily then turns from Mahiru and Misono then calls him over to bite his neck and drink his blood. Misono is then seen sat in his chair and Lily's chain appears. Misono demands that Mahiru hands over Kuro. Lily then wields a scythe and swings a Mahiru and Kuro.

Lily and his subclass

Lily and his subclass.

Mahiru and Kuro run away from them and stumble upon a kid's room. There are many children inside and Mahiru wonders if they are all siblings. Lily pops up behind him and explains that the children are all his servants, revealing that all the kids are vampires. This includes the twin girls, whose names are revealed to be Yully and Marry. Lily tells Mahiru that Tsubaki gets power from killing servants and that two have died that week.

Misono says that he needs more power than he currently has. He asks Mahiru if he is prepared to take responsibility and be Kuro's master. If he is not, Misono requests that he give Kuro to him. Mahiru realizes that he and Misono and very alike and tells him that Kuro stays with him.

Misono agrees to work with Mahiru

Misono agrees to work with Mahiru.

At this time, a broken wall starts to crumble and is about to fall on Yully and Marry. Mahiru tells Kuro to save the twins. Kuro drinks Mahiru's blood and rescues the girls.

Misono thanks them for saving the twins and Mahiru asks Misono to let them help to defeat Tsubaki together. Misono agrees to team up with them.

Lily becomes very happy and says that he, as the secretary, wants to hold an annual Servamp meeting. Kuro remarks that they haven't had one in eons and to count him out.

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